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Maximilian Günther

Maximilian Günther

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Feel the excitement of motorsports up close with the exclusive trading cards of professional racer Maximilian Günther! These cards are a must-have for every motorsport fan and collector.

Maximilian will be racing in the 2023 FIA Formula E World Championship for Maserati MSG Formula E.

The first physical trading cards of Maximilian are available in different rarity levels (35 bronze, 25 silver and 10 gold). Get your exclusive trading cards now, which are linked to an NFT through innovative technology. This also makes the cards digitally verifiably scarce. From May 2023, you can use the trading cards/NFTs in the Racemates Racing League, giving you the first opportunity to participate in Maximilian's good performances.

Racemates use the Polygon Blockchain as a Layer 2 Blockchain for MAXG NFTs. Polygon is an Ethereum Sidechain that is known as a "green" Blockchain due to its low energy consumption through Proof-of-Stake validation compared to Proof-of-Work. 


Maximilian Günther continues to be actively involved as an ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), a global non-profit organization working towards better coexistence between animals and humans. A significant portion of the NFT earnings will be donated to IFAW.

Racemates will also support Maximilian and IFAW. The IFAW NFTs will be available soon on Racemates.

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