About racemates

The idea behind Racemates

In motorsport, racing drivers and especially young up-and-coming drivers have to contend with three major problems:

  1. media attention
    (Young) racing drivers often find it difficult to attract attention. Sponsors often follow media hype, which is difficult to generate.
  1. emotional attachment
    Outside of the racetrack, the bond between fans and racers is far too low, especially off-season and in the digital space.
  1. community feeling
    The community often has too few points of contact with the racers and is left out when it comes to making groundbreaking decisions for their drivers. Now fans can not only cheer for the success, but also support their driver directly.

Racemates now gives motorsport fans a holistic, interactive and participatory platform:

  • Direct participation in the success and achievements of the racers
  • Passion for motorsport - feel it online and offline
  • Build a large community where fun and bonding with your racers comes first
  • Gamification from 2023 with the Racemates Fantasy League

Racemates is thus making an important contribution to revolutionizing the motorsport community.