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Finn Wollnik

Finn Wollnik

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Finn, the talented racer with autism, will compete in RMC Germany 2023 for the racing team Marggraf RTM.

Editions and rarities
Discover our unique trading cards of Finn in different rarity levels: 35 bronze, 10 silver and 5 gold. Each of these limited edition cards is linked to an exclusive NFT, so they are also proven to be digitally rare.

Fantasy Racing League
Starting in May 2023, you can use Finn's trading card or NFT in our Fantasy Racing League to benefit from his impressive achievements, including the title as REC champion and NFM Lower Saxony champion in 2021 as well as ADAC Weser-Ems runner-up, NAKC-P5 and NFM runner-up in 2022.

Delivery note
Please note that there may be longer delivery times at present due to high demand. We thank you for your understanding and wish you much joy with the trading cards of Finn, the racer with autism.

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