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Finn Mache

Finn Mache

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Finn Mache's Racemates trading cards and NFTs

Discover the exclusive Racemates trading cards and NFTs of the up-and-coming racer Finn Mache and relive his impressive achievements in motorsports.

Editions and rarities
Finn Mache trading cards are available in different rarity levels: 35 bronze, 10 silver and 5 gold. Our special feature? Each card is unique and linked to its associated NFT, making them demonstrably rare even digitally.

Selected achievements of Finn Mache
2017: Entry into rental karting, Rok Kart Winter Cup (2nd place).
2018: VCB Kart Circuit Champion
2019: ADAC Special Achievements in Karting Trophy.
2020: RMCC (Rotax Max Challenge) Junior P8
2021: ADAC Slalom Youngster Cup (NATC 3rd place / DKC 1st place / SYC 2nd place).
2022: ADAC Young Driver Trophy Champion

Racemates Fantasy Racing League
Starting in 2023, fans will be able to use Finn Mache's trading card / NFT in our Fantasy Racing League, giving them the opportunity to participate in the outstanding performances of their favorite driver for the first time. Experience the excitement as you score league points and compete for great prizes with Finn's achievements.

Delivery Note
Due to high demand, there may be longer delivery times. We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy Finn Mache's exclusive trading cards and NFTs.

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