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Enrico Förderer

Enrico Förderer

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Enrico - on the way to the top in motorsport

Successes and championships in the KZ2 class

Enrico starts this year in the DSKC German Kart Championship and in the Kart Masters in the KZ2 class for the renowned team Dörr Motorsport. His talent shows in impressive performances on the race track.

The next step: GT Sport and GTC Race

In 2023 Enrico will take the next step in his career and compete in GT Sport at the GTC Race. At the same time, he remains true to the shifter kart and continues to compete in the highest kart series.

Exclusive trading cards and NFTs by Enrico

Enrico's exclusive trading cards are available in different levels of rarity (38 bronze, 10 silver and 2 gold). Each card is unique and linked to the associated NFT, making the cards verifiably rare digitally as well.

Participation in the Fantasy Racing League from May

From May 2023, fans can use Enrico's trading card / NFT in our innovative Fantasy Racing League. This gives them the opportunity for the first time to take part in the outstanding achievements of their favorite driver and to share their enthusiasm for motorsport.

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