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Carrie Schreiner

Carrie Schreiner

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🏎️👩💫 Girls Only!

That's what the WS Racing project is called.
The goal: to establish an all-women team in long-distance racing. Mechanics, drivers and team manager only. And WOW - you convince us with your performance!

We at Racemates are very happy that we can support Girls Only!

Today's focus: ⭐️ Carrie Schreiner ⭐️
Successful in motorsport since 2010, she was the most successful girl in national German karting. She then started in Formula 4 and proved her great potential. She achieved several top 10 results in one of the strongest junior series in the world!

Carrie trading cards come in different levels of rarity (38 Bronze, 10 Silver, and 2 Gold). Our specialty? Each card is unique and linked to the associated NFT. Thus, the cards are also digitally demonstrably scarce.

From 2023 you can use the trading card/NFT in our Fantasy League, giving fans the opportunity to participate in the good performance of their favorite drivers for the first time.

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